Finland 100 Concert Performances

The following musical artists will be giving a performance at the big Estonian/Finnish concert on 10 June 2017:


Saara Aalto (FI)

Saara is a Finnish singer, songwriter, and voice actress. She has dueted with Adam Lambert and had concerts together with Andrea Bocelli and José Carreras. She has published 5 albums with her own record label Yume Records. In 2016, Aalto came runner-up in the thirteenth series of the The X Factor UK, which gained her worldwide recognition.


Tõnis Mägi (EE)

A popular and beloved singer, songwriter and actor who has earned a place in the heart of every Estonian.


Vesa-Matti Loiri (FI)

One of the most unique entertainers in Finland. As a singer, he is known for his pop song performances as well as interpretations of songs set to the poems by Eino Leino.


Chalice (EE)

A versatile musician, an ever-changing and growing artist who is known for his meaningful lyrics and varied repertoire.


Iiris (EE)

This electronic pop singer, who has been compared to Björk and Kate Bush, earned herself an international audience at the 2010 Tallinn Music Week.


Mari Kalkun (EE)

A singer-songwriter and one of the best-known folk musicians in Estonia. Her music is inspired by nature, Estonian poetry and folk music.


Petri Laaksonen (FI)

A versatile Finnish singer and composer, as well as a prolific author of hit songs, Christmas songs and religious music.


Lenna (EE)

Indie pop singer Lenna, one of the brightest stars of the Estonian music scene, launched her career as a member of Vanilla Ninja, a girls’ group that represented Estonia at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest.


Paleface (FI)

One of the best-known rap artists in Finland and a social activist. Räjähtävä Nyrkki (FI), the accompanying band for the Finland 100 Concert, is fronted by Paleface.


Jaan Pehk (EE)

A highly versatile artist: writer, singer and guitarist. Pehk, who performs under the pseudonym of Orelipoiss, is also a beloved songwriter.


Jüri Pootsman (EE)

The young singer with a unique voice launched his career through the musical competition Estonia is Searching for a Superstar. He also represented Estonia at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.


Ronya (FI)

A rising star of the Finnish music scene. Her music combines urban pop with rhythm and blues.


Stig Rästa (EE)

A singer, guitarist and songwriter. Rästa, who has also given performances in Finland with his band Traffic, represented Estonia at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest together with Elina Born. These days, Rästa is also known as a founder of the boy band Beyond, Beyond.


Scandinavian Music Group (FI)

A folk-pop band founded in 2002. The acoustic group includes Terhi Kokkonen, Pauliina Kokkonen, Miika Paatelainen and Joel Melasniemi.


Villu Tamme (EE)

A well-known punk artist. Tamme and his band J.M.K.E. familiarized Finnish audiences with Estonian punk music with their song Tere, perestroika! (Hello, Perestroika!).


Tuomo (FI)

A Finnish soul and jazz musician. He is known for mixing different styles of pop and jazz with an open mind.


Ailu Valle (FI)

A Sami rap artist who sings in Northern Sami, his native tongue. His music is opinionated but apolitical.