100 Objects from Finland

an exhibition on tour
and on the internet

The exhibition shows Finland and the Finnish way of life through mundane, novel and humorous objects: a vase by Aalto from 1936, a Mobira Cityman 1987, a maternity package from 2017…


What would you consider an authentically Finnish object?


“100 Objects from Finland” traces the path that has led the people of Finland to the present day. Some of the objects on display are Made in Finland while others are Designed in Finland, but all of them are characteristic of Life in Finland. Some keywords keep popping up over and over again – climate, light, children, work, perseverance, and happiness.


The exhibition will be curated by Anna Kortelainen and Pekka Toivanen.


Thanks to collaboration between different Finnish Institutes, the exhibition will travel from Helsinki to Tallinn, Oslo, Madrid and Riga:


Design Museum, Helsinki 23.3.-28.5.2017

Maarjamäe Palace, Estonian History Museum, Tallinn 10.6.–20.8.2017

Norsk Teknisk Museum, Oslo 7.9.-30.10.2017

Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativos, Madrid 16.11.2017-14.1.2018

Dekoratīvās mākslas un dizaina muzejs, Riga 15.2.-8.4.2018


The exhibition is coordinated by the Finnish Institute in Estonia and has been produced in collaboration with Finnish cultural and academic institutes around the world.


The online exhibition 100objects.fi is available in 14 languages:

Finnish – Swedish – English – Arabian – Chinese – Spanish – Dutch – Japanese – Norwegian – Latvian – France – Hungarian – Russian – Estonian.













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